What you define love
Driven by lust
Sexiness and erotica
Bdsm what they want more
Emotions no longer considered
Heartbreaks no longer felt
Body gone numb
No strings attached

O- Obsession
What you define love
Obsession with the hidden
Playing games no longer with the heart
Droll over her as she walks by
Thoughts turn sexual
Race for the wild

What you define love
Hearts and emotions driven by pleasure
Juggle them like a circus trick
Moving with the rarest pick
Up for a sleepover they ask
No more fun just sex

What you define love
Thought it was an eternal affair
Why love if you just up for games
Why waste time if you ain’t committed
Ripe for a fruitful relationship
But all driven, lust, obsession and virginity
Love has become undefined.



You so full of yourself,
You think you have a spark with the universe
The world is playing tricks on you
You viewing it from a bent angle

I know it’s fictious
We both know it’s a sci fi
It doesn’t revolve around you
Neither do you fit in just right

We all have that deep dark spot
You know all too well than to hide
Your blemishes make you different
But I see, you don’t believe me

Who are you hiding from?
Who is that that you trying to evade?
It’s actually a waste of time
If at the end you don’t believe in yourself

Can you please hold on?
I just want us to talk
You might not believe but I do
You will always be different
That’s all that counts.



Dark and creepy in sight
A rotten egg smell
The nasty smell of injustice
The smell of unheard cries

No colors in sight
Seems like a basement
An electric chair in the middle
I think someone die in here

Where on earth am i?
Will I be next to die?
The chains and chair life threatening
I want to run and hide

I’m alone
Only me and the four walls
All I’ve dah since the first day
Taken in for murder

This four armed men
Trying to take advantage of me
Helpless I had to fight
Ending up in a murder case

That was self defense wasn’t it
Its been over 3 years
No trial no nothing since
I thought they cared

Its finally over, I get it
I’m fully adapted to this life
The darkness has become a safe heaven


How many fight do I have to fight
How many wars do I have to win
How many times do I have to battle
You still wont feel my presence

Forbidden love
Untitled range
Undefined anger
Immortal feelings

Head full of doubt
Bruises a forever cover
My face forced to turn red
The daily battles I fight

Daily briefs
Uncharacterized emotions
Forgetful call me a slut
Degraded I still fight

I want to win this for you
Make it all worth for you
Frontline, die in battle
Maybe you’ll notice me then

Tell me now
How many times
But I will still fight



I’m afraid of your thoughts
I might not be in them
I’m afraid of your nights
The people in your dreams

I’m afraid you’ll leave
Move away from me
I’m afraid I’m not enough
You’ll go in search of more

I’m afraid of the truth
If it’s going to hurt
I’m afraid of your friends
What they’ll think about me

I’m afraid of you
The fact that you act absent
I’m afraid of loneliness
When I mess it up

I’m afraid of the moment
You’ll get disappointed and yell
I’m afraid of the temper
I might make you have

I’m afraid of your parents
Maybe I’ll be a disappointment
I’m afraid of your class
Maybe I don’t fit in

I’m afraid of the streets
If they are against this
I’m afraid of the universe
If we are not playing fair.



Its getting worse
It’s hurting even more
Where are you with the kit?
I’m losing alot of trust

Who was that?
Standing and flirting with
Calling me a maybe social worker
Truth, got kids at home

I hide and listen to your talk
You asking her out
Finally it’s written in bold

The weekend smiles
My heart beats increase
Arenyou going to leave me for her
Who exactly is she?

Guts speak to me
I follow you at a distance
Watching your every move
Right into the Heights hotel

People yell when I walk in
You down on one knee
It’s finally happening

Such a fool for not trusting
Not got a ring to prove your loyalty
Shocked stupid face shows
“I knew you’d listen and follow me”
He whispers in my ear.



I loved you brainless
Your smile left me clueless
Eye contact tempting
You took me hiking

My tear waters dry
I wanted you to try
It’s hard to fix
If I don’t yet fit

How long will we fake this?
We both know what we want
Lets take the chance
Give it our maybe final glance

I feel your temperature striking
I think it’s the tension rising
The spark is fading
Left for us in the making



It’s the final straw
I hope you are coming
I’m still waiting
I’m running low

It’s a lifetime wait
I’ve taken the final blow
I want to wait
I have nothing else but hope

The breeze is strong
Reminds me of your warm touch
How you made me feel whole
Underneath the starlight

It’s funny, I never felt sober beside you
Taking me to this imaginary world
Having a front row seat to your face
I never wished to look away

I start to shiver
This time its different
You are nowhere to be seen
I take the cold in alone

Where are you?
Are you still coming?
Do I still wait?
Talk to me

I miss the sparkle in your eyes
The warm smile you gave
My sheets are cold
My pillow still holding on as I am

The wind blows
Bringing back your scent
I stand and look across
But again, you not here yet

Lemme see you again
Let me lie on your chest
I can’t lose you again
I’m ready to fight for you.

I still wait
But I’m so low
I hope you get here in time
Just one last time. 



Less means more
They seem to think that
No one dares educate
No one cares to cover

Squats and background all they matters
Picture perfect for the internet
Half clothed half naked
They pose for the camera

No one thinks of the negative
No one cares who sees
Publicity and fame all they want
Have to be perfect

Not caring of the audience
Not intimidated by all who see
Giving their bodies a run for money
Have to make it perfect

Everything comes with its consequences
But they seem to focus on the plain site
Indulging in drugs all weeknights
But still want it picture perfect

Siren heard from a distance
They have been unearthed
Finally up to the surface
Going in for the misconduct

Drugs run their brains
They laugh even when they are taken in
They don’t seem to see the doom
Brought upon by themselves

Known all over social media
Premarital sex, illegal drugs on their profile
Fugitives resting in the country
Making the internet black for all.



I sense emotions running wild
What is happening?
The nation is darkening
It’s too pitch can’t see the right

Developing stories all through
Father rapes daughter
Brother rapes sister
Son rapes mother

I can’t seem to understand
The rare relationships around
Unwanted cases every corner
Unexpected incidents all over

Who is to blame?
Everyone is at fault
Then older ones take part
To ruin the young generation

They claim to educate
But their actions are disgusting
Role models they say
Preach water and drink wine

It’s strange and disturbing
A six month baby
Raped and left for dead
By him called father

Can anyone help me understand
What is happening?
Seriously, who supports this?
It’s all alien affair

Lets all sit and talk
Lets all learn to listen
Old is most at fault
But an excuse for their actions

I hear them say
“old age signifies knowledge”
Is this the knowledge they give
And expect the youth to be different

Raping the young and the old
Incest a taboo running wild
Collaborate to change this darkening nation
Clear out the alien affairs.