In sickness and in health
Till death parts us
I pronounce you to be human
The ability to love defined
Dressed in white, well, maybe a tuxedo
Giving me hives from the dreams stated
Start a family they say
How readily they are to become one
Maybe I’m destined for loneliness
How boring my death gets to be
Will anyone miss her?
Maybe I should have given love a chance
Get a story like that of sleeping beauty
Let his kiss awaken me from eternal slumber
We can be Shrek and Fiona maybe
Accepting each other as we be
What if love happened through osmosis
What if we are destined?
What if I am meant to find you?
I might as well be fated for a happily never after.



I’m now ready to write
Inspired by a broken heart,
Words intended to hurt me more
I write to express,define and arrange
Call me a fool or whatever
Maybe I’m wrong to want to be appreciated
My feelings getting fermented
My head a wormhole in space
Feelings floating undetected
Im tired trying to catch them
Call me a liar
Maybe im wrong to express me boldly
It’s fine to look at me in disgust
Maybe get over your feelings of inadequacy
You are wrong to always want to be right
Shoving me in the mud whenever
You define me to be your junior
But in the end you are just insecure



I wanna stare,
Can I stare?
I’m sorry I’m gawking
But depression be damned
Definition of timid and feisty
She cut across as gruff
Beneath the shadows she’s been lurking
Withholding the urge to ambush
Her territories conquered
Red flags placed on her pathway
Craved to find her monarch
She’s sick beyond repair
Call it a vampire virus
She bites for pleasure
The clots keep her on edge
Sorry she sounds goofy
But she’s extremely elated
She likes the attention
Stand up and salute
Give her that dominant feeling
Sorry is it aggressive?!
Hammered from thoughts
Let her through the forbidden kingdom
Like the monkey she slays and saves
She’s your epiphany to a heavier matter
Now bow in respect.

Muthoni Murigi


Do you know what hurts most?
When they make everything about themselves
When your life is a dull spark to them
When they demand to be a priority
When they drain you
When you start feeling emotionless.

It hurts
when they don’t realize you hurt too
When you have no one to wipe away your tears
When you are treated like you are random.

Do you know what I want?
Are you really a best friend or a lover?
I want to be specific, not random
*I want to matter*
I want to feel the care before the love

I want to be treated like a queen
I want to be someone’s obsession
Not sending serial killer vibes,
But I want you to really really want me

I want clingy,
I don’t mean suffocate me
I mean I want you to want me, badly
Not that much, coz I might choke
I want you to want me more

It sucks being alone
When you lose everyone in a chain
When you have no one to talk to
When your heart so desperately needs attention

I want a hug,
I want you to whisper in my ear
I want to hear you say it
You matter, yes,
I want to matter

I want o.have someone to look forward to texting
Checking up on
I want to be restless when I have no means to contact you
I want to matter, as I will show you that you matter

Muthoni Murigi