_First weekend night in_

My morning was peaceful being a Friday I wanted to just stay in. Nick was in the shower, telling from the sound. He came out a towel around his waist, steam coming off from his body he was so hot. He had this abs that were wanting, his biceps gave a feeling of protection and the tattoo on his chest God, I couldn’t stop staring at him.

“Hey what you staring at? ” he asked me smiling.
I felt so embarrassed took my towel and ran into the bathroom as quick as I could. I took cleaned up and as yesterday he was there seated on his bed, with just a short on,”Was he trying to seduce me? ”
I smiled and walked over to my bed this time I asked him to look away so I could dress, I wore blue jeans pants and an oversized t-shirt , this was my vibe in live with oversized clothes.

“I’m done now you can look” I said to Nick who didn’t waste no time turning around, smiling.
“What’s up? Why you smiling? ” I asked
“Nothing, you are just funny”he said
I smiled and sat on my bed scrolling through my phone.
” You look good today” he said, this got my attention pulling me away from my phone I laughed so hard and became serious at once and asked ” Wait today! ,was I ugly yesterday? ” I asked in a sarcastic tone.
He laughed and told me to put my shoes on as he put on his t-shirt and shoes too and said that he wanted to take me out for breakfast.

“Wow! that’s cute and unexpected “I thought to myself,
I put on my sports shoes and we both headed out. I asked him if he could drive and since he could I gave him my car keys so he’d drive us to wherever he chose to take me.
We got I to the car I looked at him and said smiling ” You better not crush my car! ”
He laughed at the statement and we drove off to this fancy hotel not too far away from the campus.
Getting to the table he pulled out a car for me, I was actually shocked smiled and said a thank you.

We had had our breakfast and headed back into the car back to campus. Nick took me around campus and showed me the different areas around starting with the cafeteria,”Was it that obvious I was a foodie?” I asked myself and we went on with the trip around campus and back to our room.

It was 11.30am and the day seemed to get longer and longer, “What a boring weekend!”
I changed my jeans trousers into a more comfortable outfit which was a Grey sweatpant, took out my laptop as usual and was getting ready to watch a movie, Nick was over his bed just lying there.
“Heyy do you wanna watch a movie with me? You seem kinda bored, ”
I don’t know how and why I had said this I was shy and I never expected to ask him this out loud.
“Hell yeah” he said smiling and tapped his bed telling me to go over.
I actually did want to but I didn’t want to seem so desperate so I acted stubborn taking a while on my bed.

I took up my laptop and went over to his bed, he fixed the laptop at a place we’d both have full visual and connected the sound to the speakers.  I lay beside him in a good seductive way though tried not to get too close to him coz God knows what would happen if he got turned on, Ha!

Minutes into the movie, he seemed to pull me close to his chest and I think I liked it.
2:30 pm and we were done with the movie, he shut down my laptop and held me closer and with a more tight grip.

“So tell me about you” he said I could feel the vibrations on his chest as he spoke.
“What exactly do you want know”  I asked back and he responded by saying everything  starting from your home place.
” Awwh okky, I am from Texas I live with my mum and three siblings. That’s it”
I said.

He let go of me and turned me in a way that we faced each other,
“Thats it?” he asked shocked and unconvinced. I told him that I rarely spoke about myself so I didn’t know what exactly to say to him.
He seemed rather satisfied with my answer. He stared at me, he had this blue eyes that made me shiver in a cute but wierd way. I stared back at him smiling, don’t know why but I couldn’t stop smiling everytime he looked at me.

I moved over and walked into the bathroom. When I came out he was there going through my laptop, I did not have a problem with it but yoh!

“There’s a party tonight at a friend’s place and I want you to come” I heard him say as he looked over to me making my bed. This weekend didn’t seem that interesting so a party might be the best Idea.
” Okkay cool, just don’t leave me alone since I don’t know anyone” I said to him looking cute and all he smiled and said “I won’t baby”

Baby! Huh, i thought to myself how wierd it was though it was cute him calling me that. I was looking forward to the party later in the evening hoping it would be fun and I’d at least make one female friend.



Rather odd I found campus life to be more exciting. A place where many people from different cultures met. Been the only one from Texas I knew it would be hard to make friends here in the city. Oh God what I’m I going to do?

I had heard stories about how campus life can be hard and at the same time sweet. What did excit me the most was the fact of being far from home finally freedom. I was quickly adjusting to the new life here and I was looking forward to the year.

Trying to find my way through the crowd of new students, I was actually really confused I didn’t have a room yet hoping to get a roommate that’s more like me. Finally my name was called out and I was handed a key, room 272 . I made my way out going up the stairs to find my room, “Oh God I hope I  have a good roommate” I kept whispering to myself. I got to my room door fixed in the key and here I was, a fairly clean room with two beds fixed at different ends of the room, and there he was, this light cute guy lying on one of the beds that I wished was mine. He seemed to be into his phone and the way he was tilting it I knew he was playing some sort of game.Damn I have a guy for a roommate this is getting more interesting as time goes by.

I closed the door behind me and headed to the empty bed on the other side of the room he didn’t seem to notice me as I thought. I started to unpack my  staff got all comfortable and headed to the bathroom to freshen up. Coming out the guy was seated up on his bead not playing with his phone, his head fixed on the wall staring at me. “How in God’s name I’m I to get dressed with a guy looking at me a stranger for that matter?”

I walked over to my side of the room, took a t-shirt from my suitcase put it on over the towel and jumped into bed took my laptop out and switched on to Netflix to watch a movie. I didn’t give much attention to the guy since he didn’t seem to give any to me.

“Zzzz, Zzzz” My phone was buzzing, a message from mum
” Hey hope your first day hasn’t been so hard” I smirk across my face and wrote back to her telling her that it was great, she wished me a goodnight and that was rather it.

“Hey” The guy across my bed said in a deep cute voice,
“Hey” I greeted him back not looking at him, for I was a bit shy talking to strangers, cute strangers to be precise.
“I’m Nick, welcome”he said
I smiled and said a thank you, put my headphones on and got back to my movie The Order a Netflix series Sci fi which was my favorite genre.
Crap!, didn’t tell him my name, oh well he’ll ask again if he needs to know.

The day was going down rather quickly, and I didn’t seem to notice him walk out of the room. Some minutes later he was back with a bag on his hand, at this time I was just lying in my bed listening to music I just hoped he was a music fan as I was, didn’t want to make him uncomfortable in the room. I switched off the music and out of nowhere I heard him say, ” Heyy put the music back on that’s my favorite”, wow, I gave him a huge smile as I turned the music back on I didn’t know why but maybe it’s because he seemed to be fun I guess.

He came over to my bed leaned over me, my heart was beating so fast, this was strange though I didn’t give it much thought, he asked me to join him as he had brought me some meal. “Damn was this guy an angel or what how did he know I was starving”. I didn’t know around the campus yet so I couldn’t go out for meals.

I ate most of the food he just looked at me and laughed, I wish he knew how hungry I was. Later he cleaned up the table and we both went back to out sides of the bed. I stayed in for a while then went out, had forgotten some staff in my car and a bag of popcorn Ha!  I got them and went back into my room.

Back in the room, we were both lying there listening to my playlist, J Cole was playing. Nick moved over turned the music down went back to his bed and picked up his phone. I could hear him conversing with someone laughing, it was cute how he was just full of life. When he was done he leaned over and increased the volume back up a little .

“So what’s your name” he asked staring at me,
“I’m Tina” I said looking back at him trying not to smile. “Cute name” he said and buried his face back to his phone.

I was so tired and I just wanted to get some rest.
Goodnight Nick is what I said underneath my sleepy breath and covered myself and dozzed off



My world is collapsing
My heart is racing
Cant seem to find the remedy
Cant seem to find the cure

I want to fix this
The blue print is fading
Tension running wild
All she needs is closure

Pollution from every corner
noone seems to care
Her heart is giving up
Life support is failing

Tired of the abandonment
Running to seek refuge
Known turns to unknown
Nothing seems to help

Scared by her own
Living in a worse state
They seem to take note
Of her deteriorating surface

Time is ticking
It’s a death race
Protected by a mask
That’s all she’s got

It’s not fiction
This is real
Change our ways
To save her life



I want to tell a story
But I’m scared of the outcome
I want to tell it all
I worry if you’ll understand

I want to tell a story
About my unspoken past
I want to tell it all
About my dark side

I want to tell a story
I am so so scared
Will you believe me if I do?
Will you walk with me through?

I want to tell a story
Talk about my inner feelings
I  want to tell it all
Clean it off my chest

I want to tell a story
Talk about my insecurities
I want to hear you say
You’ll be there till the end

This is my story
Scared to let go
This is my tale
All scripted for you to know



I want to scream
I want to name them
Nightmare for a while
In the dark creepy basement

Kept in by the known
Like a dog on a leash
No say at the time
Noone on my side

Hidden from the world
Hugged by my fear
Desperation to run
No idea where I was

Feeling unloved
Did no one care?
No anger but remorse
In this open doom

A wormhole underneath
Sucked in all the pain
Open in my own space
I just want a clear day

A light strike in the room
Reveals a hidden open space
Finally I can run
No longer on a leash



Silenced by the arms of injustice
Red lights shine at every corner
Mobs take on the justice
I can’t speak there is a border

Silenced by the arms of injustice
Too tight I struggle to breath
School girls on every corner
All bubbly it shows on their tummy

Silenced by the arms of injustice
I try to speak up but all in vain
Street kids roaming the streets
All whining in pain

Silenced by the arms of injustice
At the far end I see him take bribe
Uniformed and armed I dare not speak
He walks with content and pride

Silenced by the arms of injustice
Discrimination is a daily bread
Unclear unfulfilled for most
In the shadows they try to hide

Silenced by the arms of injustice
A tighter grip on my mouth
I want to speak out
Fight for the impending justice



My eyes are homeless
My heart restless
Cant seem to find
Inner peace restored

Clouds moving in
Light fading
Finally again
Night is here

Body weak insomnia stricking Handful of hustle make my ends meet

The routene redone
Meals taken in
Beds spread out
Finally lay in peace

Gift of life given
No payment asked
Thankful from the heart
Escape to slumber land



Shaking and crying in fear
Everything just made me tear
At the corner of my bed
So much in my head

I had dreams
But all been crushed
By the woman I called mother
Why would she do this?

Twelve years of age
Turning over this page
Selling me to this man
Five times my age

Why was she doing this?
I had school and friends
Soon to disappear
For a life I never wanted

Couldn’t say no
Couldn’t run away
Couldn’t tell anyone
I had to smile and play along

Five years down the line
Bound to this man for life
Can’t help but cry
But I know I need to try

I finally find my voice
I finally find my feet
Run away speak
Fight for my own life



I  listen to whispers
A white light glitters
Movement detected
No man defended

I listen to screams
All like horror films
A late night dream
In all shades of cream

I listen to cries
Curiosity is all that flies
Tempted to go in
I want to remain keen

A lonely dark hut
Abandoned for a fact
Lying behind the trees
My heart instantly melts

I try to walk faster
Don’t know who’s the master
Afraid of what I might find
I wanna run and hide

A lonely man’s stare
I don’t know why I dare
Sympathy in my heart
For this man, I hurt

All left for dead
Rarely been fed
No family in sight
I want to help him fight



What is life without you
You make it worth living
You make it worth building

What is life without you
You go around in my head
I am no longer myself

What is life without you
With the pain there’s no gain
You still hiding in the shadows

What is life without you
I am so wreck I lost myself
My world is collapsing

What is life without you
I no longer feel the chills
Acting like I’m gone
We both in the same room

What is life without you
I don’t wanna be wrong
I’m at the edge of my road
I need you to come save me

What is life without you
If I can no longer speak
Don’t wanna waste your time
Done sending signals

But this is life without you
Acting like you act
Fate is fate
You no longer listen
And I no longer talk