Relationships are wierd, right?
Caring more about sex
Forgetting who gets hurt
Forgetting how much we spend

Internet photos getting more intimate
Girls posting their chests
Letting men fantasize about it
Like they need an approval

He keeps checking his Ex’s updates
Like he needs her back
Reminiscing about a broken past
A broken girl he turned her into

People driven by lust
What they see on Instagram
Naked girls posts
Claiming it’s a rotten world

Rotten doesn’t start to describe it
The rape videos being uploaded
Who needs to see that?
The world is not rotten, the inhabitants are

Twitter right,
We keep throwing shade on people
We claim we mean no harm
But internet hate is one cause of depression

He tore her skirt because it was too short
That she wasn’t descent enough
Is tearing it off her making her descent
Is that what correction looks like

Lets stop pretending like all is well,
Coz it ain’t
We are broken,
Everything we touch corrodes

I sometimes I start to question
We support those fighting for us
No to rape, no to murder
My dress my choice

Is anyone even listening
People are going through depression
Suffering in silence
Don’t you feel like you let someone down?

It only takes a little love to restore a broken heart
I hope it ends
We are losing a lot, ourselves
Can we move on from all the pain, neglect and depression!?



I hate feeling weak
I hate feeling like I need someone
I hate feeling like I owe someone happiness
I hate feeling like I’m not enough

They leave at the sight of the newest face
The biggest bum, the biggest ass
Friends change when someone else is around
And that fake shit, is super fucked up

I don wanna lose control
I don’t wanna act
Someone told me that I should matter more to me
And I do,

Things change
People change
Emotions change
Time still moves

Doesn’t wait for you to get back up
You just have to hurry
Doesn’t wait for you to find new love
You just have to suck up the pain and move on

This feeling
Stressed up on the daily
Thoughts going round and round
But you still need you

Lately it’s getting wierd
People are getting all sucked into the world
The pleasures, the luxury, the desires, the lust
You trynna be you for you

Chances given to the wrong people maybe
Loved the wrong person maybe
The more chances I give
The more I change, the more it fades

It’s the impact you have on someone
No, the impact you have on you
Because that’s the only person who won’t change

Friends leave
Friends fall in love and forget
Ex lovers move on
Mates because extinct

You are worth a million
No, a billion,,,
Your worth is boundless, countless
Your worth is priceless

Don’t let shade thrown on your name
Make you feel as you not you
People talk behind your back, they always will
But the bright thing about that is

They will talk behind your back because that’s where they belong
Behind your back



ONE time I decided to try
Giving this a wierd chill
Still had TWO waits
Chances running out
THREE times it was all a mess
Taking my final straw
FOUR a while I thought you’d realize
Involve all FIVE senses
Figure me out maybe I think
Communicate, vocality
SIX times it became devious
Starting to see another dark side
Shuttered all my SEVEN wall mirrors
It was some wierd f-EIGHT
NINE times I ran tired
Grew out of patience with me
TEN times it was all clear
Had all ten-one chance
Choosing not to re-read me
Unscripted longest wait



When you no longer believe in love
A fantasy build up in your brain
No more emotions
If, directed to the wrong people

When you no longer believe in love
You make you your best company
You wanna protect you
Your heart desperate for a feel

When you mo longer believe in love
And suddenly it changes
A loophole in eternity
You even lose identity

When you no longer believe in love
You be like me
Being there for others,
Coz no one has ever been there for you

When you no longer believe in love
You are your own safe haven
Cry in the midst of darkness
Let them not see your weaknesses

When you no longer believe in love
The pain you felt keeps breaking you down
Your music taste changes
And all you wanna have is some company

When you no longer believe in love
You are afraid to give your heart to someone else
Falling for someone else
You are fragile and delicate

When you no longer believe in love
You see all emotions to you as lust
You wanna push everyone away
You protect your heart with all you got

When you no longer believe in love
You become stronger
You fight for what you want
But your heart becomes weaker, prone to emotions

When you no longer believe in love
All you want is someone with pure intentions
Someone to pass by you, say a hi maybe
Feel a connection with someone

When you no longer believe in love
You fall in love without realization
But as they say
The heart wants what it wants.



Do you believe in love?
Those strong emotions,
That urge to be around someone,
That intrigue,

Does your heat beat when she calls?
Do you smile when she texts?
Those late-night conversations,
Evenings that create an impact,

Is she the one really though?
Do you believe she is?
Is she your best friend?
Is she your safe haven?

What’s love to you?
What fascinates you about love?

Is it the night cuddles?
In his arms, you feel safe
The masculinity all holding tight onto you?
That growl he makes when he moves closer?

Is it those movie nights?
That you just get distracted by her eyes
She keeps walking up and down with your tshirt on
That time that she picks you up and forces you to dance

You smiling right?
Do you believe in love?
Have you experienced love?
That burst of feelings,

Hormones acting out,
Her touch gets you all fired up,
That feeling when she walks towards you with your tshirt on,
Her smile gives you that wierd stomach feeling,
It feels like she’s the one.
Is she really though?

His voice and cologne turn you on,
The way he holds you,
Pulls you back in when you want to leave,
That forehead kiss,
you even forget to open your eyes,

She gets mad a lot right?
You can’t seem to contain her
It kinda puts you off.
The way she just overthinks and reacts,
Are you willing to stay?
Coz if you believe in love,
Then this is what love is all about;

Holding her close when she’s mad,
Being there when she’s throwing tantrums,
Tantrums you’ll leave her for the girl next door,
When she’s being wierd and breaking stuff,
Let her beat your chest,
Coz at the end that’s where she’ll lay her head on.

Be the ice when she’s the fire,
Be the storm when she’s the thunder,
This is what love is all about,
Staying when all you want do is leave,
Hoping when already all is lost,
And holding on when you are scared.

Loving them in ways they’ve never been loved,
Loving them for reasons they’ve never been told

That is love,
Do you believe?
I know you all do
I do too, coz loving ain’t perfect.



Night walks maybe
Lets stroll the park
Hands locked, you like that
Let them know you belong

Hunt for shades, perfect spot
Picnic baskets, little luxury
Talk all day
One on one conversations are the best

Buy me flowers maybe
Lets be down for surprises
Walk around licking ice-cream
Smear it on your face
Lets laugh, yolo

Letters maybe
Create a strong impact than texting
A surprise pop on the inside
Smile as we read through
Hopefully there’s a written reply

I want love like in the fifties movies
Taped in black and white
Call me outdated
But I still believe in meeting your parents

In love with you forever
Stare at your face across the diner table
Those long phone calls, night and daytime
Lets talk till we run out of credit

Let’s piss off the neighbors Laughing out loud cuddle, watch romance movies I want that undisturbed bed all day love

Turn the electronics off
Lets stare, play a game maybe
Give me a horse back ride
Laugh till your ribs hurt

Tell me stories as I tell you mine
Create memories together
Lets fall asleep on each other’s arms
Let me watch you sleep, make every moment count



Can you at least speak
Can you at least make me know
A hint maybe
I’m tired of second guessing

I think I deserve closure
I need clarity
Tired of the abyss of lies
Unfamiliar emotions

What exactly should I say?
I can’t think straight anymore
I think I’m going through depression
You becoming a daily obsession

I can’t work my way around it
I can’t make myself understand
Play a part please
Speak, speak, speak!

Yeah I did mess up
But a second chance maybe
I’m tired of shooting shots
While I miss each target, you

I had created an anthem
A forever symphony
I can give you a hint maybe
That’s right, you don’t get hints

What am I even saying
Who am I writing this to
It’s a clear hint
But I guess I’m the only one who gets it

Let your voice be heard
I promise to listen
Understand, learn, accept
Yes I promise



I am tired of hiding
The sheets can’t conceal the truth anymore
Who is there?
Who’s willing to help?

Pull me towards you
Help me escape this loophole
Break this spell
Chant with me

Help me call out
Stand with me maybe
Lock arms,
Lemme at least feel safe

What more do you seek
Lets gather together
Roam till we get answers
It might take forever maybe

Time flies
Lemme fly you too
I want to come out
Let me take you with me



Tales of the wind
Slapped by a cold breeze
I hear the tree whispers

Please save me
Stretch out your arm
Let me reach forth
Sorry I was such a dork

How many more phases
How many more filters
Tell me the truth
Let it hurt as much as it can

I want to change
I am choosing right
Sorry I was blinded
Indefinite glory promised

I’m squatting
I’m really scared
Somebody,, can anyone hear me?

I know you see me
I know you feel a chill
The uncertainty
Benefit of doubt

I’ve been cocky
Clearly I can tell
Head always up high
Tried to hide my insecurities



Personally a narcissist
Fell in love with my own reflection
Mirrors on the wall
All I wanted to see is me

Taught myself how to smile
Facing my reflection
My emotions spilled
I wiped my tears

Suddenly a deflection
I’m bent, the wrong angle
Water spill on my mirror
Reflection gone blurry

I see my image fighting
Trying to escape the unclarity
I can’t see clearly
But my face is dripping

Such a self lover
No one stood with me
My reflection a refraction
Sudden physics couldn’t pull anyone in

Social circle I heard her say
Still stuck in the mirror
All I had was me,
A lonely dot that never completely formed

I know it’s humorous
But I reminisce and understand
My actions, my self love
Own obsession

Reaches down my pocket
Take a cloth and clear the mirror
I finally see me, my reflection is back
But I no longer want to see

Devine revelation
Complete my dot to a circle
I think
At least I’ll have someone to bury me

Narcissism, narcissism
God forbid I go back to that
I now have you